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The Problem

Currently existing recruiter software solutions do not offer many possibilities in regards to creating high-quality, but consistent candidate profiles. Furthermore, Genius Consulting as well as their customers profit from being able to judge candidates by consistent criteria achieved through a consistent questionnaire and a scoring system, in order to facilitate fact-based decisions.

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The Solution

The solution was for us to create a hybrid web application, not only helping Genius Consulting with judging every candidate by the same schema, but also by simplifying the process of creating CV and assessment reports in their corporate design. Being web-based, the solution has been made readily available for every employee, from every device.

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The Result

Creating a candidate profile now only takes employees of Genius Consulting a quarter of the previously required time, namely 15 minutes. Using their usual quota of 420 candidates, Genius Consulting now saves 315 working hours every year. Additionally, the reports do not rely on the format of the candidate’s documents and are therefore consistent in content and design.

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Customer View

Working with devterm was an overall excellent experience. The candidate profiling web application facilitates the everyday job of me and my team tremendously. devterm’s technical expertise, vision and ability to communicate complex technical issues in language that non-technical people can understand, set them apart from other technical professionals.

Holger Kilian, CEO of Genius Consulting GmbH
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The solution is running on customer's infrastructure and is optimized for their questionnaire, evaluation system, and corporate design. However, here you can find a demo with dummy data and devterm design.

View Demo