Digital solutions for startups and agile companies.

Moving your business into the digital world or realizing your digital business model is our passion. Therefore, we are your partner when it comes to bespoke and future-proof software.

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Digitalization consulting

We are more than just developers. We do not just implement given feature sets blindly; we love our customer's ideas and can help you develop them into fully-fledged digitalization concepts.

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Custom software development

Good software just works; amazing software changes the game. Our experience in working with corporate clients and startups gives us the unique opportunity, to realize innovative MVPs swiftly and automate processes for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Operation, support, extension

Being passionate about software development, we do not stop after the inital release. We are a constant in our customers' whole digital journey by building products that scale with growth and implement changes swiftly and soundly.

Successful projects.

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Invoicing and bookkeeping SaaS platform.
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Individual eCommerce solution for a dancing shoe manufacturer.
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Access management for decentralized carsharing.
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            in-between two opened notebooks
Administration of audit databases for controlling departments.
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Administration interface for an online pharmacy application.
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B2B shop connection to an ERP solution.
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Our approach.

In today's world, software needs to be flexible, optimized, and intuitive. The same attributes should also be true for your IT partner. We work with agile methods, build on proven open source software, and test our apps under realistic conditions in order to not only work fast, but also deliver quality.

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Individual software development made in Germany.

Software development is much more than just programming. Every piece of software needs to solve a real world problem. Only those who understand these problems are capable of delivering added value. We are close to our customer's businesses, so that we can factor their economic and operational situations into our delivered solutions.

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Quality and sustainability through technology.

Developers often only think about the present. We settle for software that not only works on shipping day, but is also reliable and maintainable in the years to come. We achieve this by working with modern, but stable technologies and methodologies, because your IT should be sustainable.

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